Epson EB-U04 Projector Review

Epson EB-U04 Projector ReviewEpson EB-U04 is a projector LCD with HD full determination on the special financial support at the cost of £ 548.99. Epson pitches as a projector that can be utilized either for home entertainment or Office presentation. Epson EB-U04 looks rather utilitarian versus all spaces are better discarded spaces Epson EH-TW5300 and Picopix PPX 20055 who tried lately.

Epson EB-U04 Projector Review

Epson EB-U04 Projector Review
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Epson EB-U04 Projector Specification

Epson EB-U04 Projector Design
Although not through and through, mainly because of its gleaming white top cover, the EB-U04 looks somewhat utilitarian versus the additionally front room amicable Epson EH-TW5300 that I tried as of late. It's littler and squat, with a discernibly more minimized lens – none of which raises incredible trusts about its photo quality versus the EH-TW530

Epson EB-U04 Projector Review

Epson EB-U04 Projector Feature
LCD projector with 1920x1200 resolution; Two HDMIs; 3,000 lumens maximum brightness;Presentations and Cinema picture presets; Dynamic Iris system

It's tinier and squat, with a distinguishably more preservationist lens; none of which raises great trusts about its photograph quality versus the EH-TW5300. System is truly incredible. 2 HDMIs move down its home incitement claims, while its potential as a workhorse is redesigned by a USB port fit for playing intuitive media records, a VGA PC data, and the limit of one of the HDMIs to handle MHL cell phone playback. 

You can even incorporate an optional remote connector the ELPAP10, that opens the potential for using Epson's iProjection application to stream an extent of substance, including photos, recordings and reports direct from your cell phone or tablet through the projector. 

As you would expect, the projector passes on the different option for exhibit 16:9 widescreen sources in their neighborhood extent; you don't have to see them stretched out vertically to fill the EB-U04's full determination. 

Regardless, there's no getting round the way that 16:10 picture fastens are expected for PC instead of video use. With the Epson EB-U04 potentially getting used at work and home, it's incredible to find Epson ensuring a titanic light and channel life of 10,000 hours; for the most part enough to pass on one movie a day for quite a while. 

The Epson EB-U04 has a sensible number of setup decisions. Physically, here's a little measure of optical zoom, a drop-down leg under the front edge of the unit and screw down legs at each back corner. 

There's also a to some degree astute sliding foundation amendment handle over the lens, which gets the sides of the photo straight on the off chance that you're situating it off to the side. The Epson EB-U04's potential work and play nature reflected in its photograph presets, which fuse both a Cinema mode and a Presentations mode. 

Epson EB-U04 Projector Review

Diverse alteration fuse an uproar diminish system, balance and get compliances for the RGB shading segments; Normal and Eco modes for the light; and the distinct option for set an auto iris structure to off, Normal, or High Speed. The single mono speaker ending out of the projector's back quiets, curves and crackles under any sign of weight. 

At the point when all is said in done, it needs clarity and fails to hurl the sound any basic partition past the impediments the projector's body. This late issue suggests the sound constantly sounds detached from the photographs the projector is hurling onto a far away screen or divider. 

As noted to TechHook, the Epson EB-U04 is a strong; despite the fact that it's stunning and moderate presentations projector. All things considered, an absence of differentiation implies that it battles to persuade as a home excitement gadget.

Epson EB-U04 Projector Review

Epson EB-U04 Projector Review

Epson EB-U04 Projector Setup
The EB-U04 has a sensible number of setup alternatives. Physically, here's a little measure of optical zoom, a drop-down leg under the front edge of the unit and the foot screw-down at every back corner. There's additionally a somewhat clever sliding cornerstone adjustment handle over the lens, which gets the sides of the picture straight in case you're positioning it off to the side. 

The absence of vertical image shift optics should not be amazed at this cost.

Job potential EB-U04 and play nature reflected in preset photo, which combines both fashion and Cinema modes of presentation. A different modification combines ruckus reduce framework (best leave while watching HD); balance and take RGB components to change shading; Normal and Eco mode for light; and an alternative to setting a framework of iris auto off, Normal, or High Speed.

My encourage would be to guarantee you pick the right choice – Presentations or Cinema preset – for what you're going to utilize it for. Likewise, while viewing a motion picture in a sensibly dull room, the light ought to be set to Eco to get somewhat more dark level reaction out of the optics and definitely lessen the projector's running clamor. 

I'd additionally prescribe setting the auto iris choice to Normal as opposed to High Speed, following while this can bring about intermittent slack in how the shine reacts to changes in the picture content, it likewise causes the iris framework to less scratching clamors.

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