Razer Nabu Watch Review

Razer Nabu Watch Review-  Razer is an organization known for offering top notch gaming peripherals, and it has an effective reputation in the field. Envision my bewilderment then, when the organization reported a smartwatch with zero gaming ability at CES 2016. 

It's not an immense shock, brain; there's been a pattern for tech firms of all shapes and sizes to hop on the wearable temporary fad – some getting a charge out of more accomplishment than others. Razer had officially fiddled with smartbands, so the Nabu Watch wasn't a move that was altogether unexpectedly. 

Razer Nabu Watch Review 

Razer Nabu Watch Review

Razer Nabu Watch specification- In any case, with the Nabu Watch the organization has discharged a disgraceful original gadget that I think will battle to claim. With faulty configuration, a dreary application and conflicting following, this is a smartwatch that potential purchasers can't bear the cost of not to peruse about. 

As an innovation writer, I anticipate experimenting with new items and seeing what world-class originators bring to the table. That was until I first looked at the Razer Nabu Watch. I totally would not like to be found out in the open wearing it. I attempted to pawn it off to my colleagues; they were dazed and irritated in a balance of. 

While portraying the configuration blemishes of the Nabu Watch, the quantity of issues makes it extreme to know where to start. Quickly, you see the sheer size of it. A Withings Activité, for occasion, does for the most part the same occupation in a body that is a quarter of the size. The way that I attempted to pull my jacket sleeve over the Nabu Watch is demonstration of its exorbitant mass. 

Razer Nabu Watch Review

Razer Nabu Watch Features- At that point there's the strap. It's about as wide and thick as a £2 coin, and is produced using an elastic that appears to have been picked – by some savage architect, clearly – for its hair-evacuation properties. Any slight development results in difficult pulling, which is exacerbated by the way that it sits in such a clumsy position, to the point that consistent rearrangement is a need. 

Note that on the off chance that you've have a major wrist, you'll battle to close the band cut legitimately. The outcome is that the watch will neglect to sit firm on your wrist, and there will be two distending metal bits reaching out from the strap. 

Razer Nabu Watch Design- Likewise inquisitive is the way that while extending the strap to its most extreme gap – as though to fit a little wrist – there are still two additional arrangements of gaps remaining. Why? No one knows. It unquestionably isn't for symmetry, since the gaps on the inverse side don't match up. Perhaps the fellow with the gap punch was "in the stream". Perhaps it offers some streamlined capacity. Perhaps it's simply awful outline. 

The Nabu Watch additionally includes catches – tremendous textured catches that you can't miss, which are surrounded in grandiose, plastic green rings. Four of the catches perform genuinely ordinary assignments: Set, Mode, Adjust, and Light (for the backdrop illumination). There's likewise a fifth catch, which is for… the second screen. 

The Razer Nabu Watch has two screens. One presentation is a low-control board that keeps running off a customary watch battery, from which you'll get a guaranteed 12 months of charge. This is the screen that shows the time. 

Razer Nabu Watch Review 

The second is an OLED board. It's small, has a solitary shading (green), and a low 128 x 16 pixel determination. It's the place the "keen" of the smartwatch comes in. Notices and SMS readouts surge over the little screen, close by wellness measurements, for example, steps taken and separate voyaged. Tragically, this double screen design feels like a cumbersome workaround as opposed to an answer for a truly boundless issue. 

Razer Nabu Watch Review - The littler of the two screens isn't equipped for showing much data without a moment's delay, which is an issue. On the off chance that your watch hums to tell that you have an instant message, unless you look quickly, you'll get just the last part of it. Besides, you begin racking up warnings – suppose, five – then burnning through to your stride tally with the catch can get to be dull.

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