How to Change Android Keyboard Non Qwerty

How to Change Android Keyboard Non Qwerty - The keyboard is an important feature that definitely you find on any gadget either hard keyboard or touchscreen. There are several types of keyboard layout alphabet, i.e., a QWERTY keyboard and also the Alphanumeric keys. The Qwerty keyboard has the irregular layout of the alphabet, while the alphanumeric keys have a layout of a regular letter in the ranging from A to Z.

Most android devices brings the Qwerty keyboard as the default display, but not everyone is comfortable using the keyboard type on this one and would like to use the keyboard type is alphanumeric. If you are having the same problem not to worry because of the way the android keyboard in order not to change the QWERTY is not difficult.

How to Change Android Keyboard Non Qwerty

How to Change Android Keyboard Non Qwerty

For those of you who want to change the look of the alphanumeric keyboard with qwerty keyboard so that keyboard keys on your android device to become much larger. You can find some application in keyboard Play Store. You may download some applications keyboard for your android device. But not all applications can change the keyboard be alphanumeric keyboard (ABC keyboard ...). But don't worry, there are 3 applications keyboard that is recommended for your use. IE:

  • MultiLink Keyboard
  • Go Keyboard
  • The Perfect Keyboard

How to Change Android Keyboard Non Qwerty -The third application keyboard on top of the highly recommended to change the default view of the keyboard on your android device into a QWERTY keyboard as usual. After you download one of these three applications above the keyboard, then you can implement in your android device. Below is how to change the keyboard QWERTY android :
  1. Open the Settings menu and Input Language >
  2. After that, tap on the menu icon on the gear keyboard > types and input language
  3. Press again the gear icon on the keyboard menu
  4. Select telephone keyboard

Actually on some android brand anyone can already do the replacement of the keyboard display, if the application default keyboard on the keyboard you can do this you do not need to download the application keyboard again.

It all depends on your taste, basically the use of default keyboard on android devices in the form of a qwerty aims to facilitate users. However, for some people there who didn't like the model of a QWERTY keyboard because the keys are too small and also not sequential like the alphabet. Whatever your choice, your android device already provide an alternative for you by providing keyboard applications that can be installed on your android device with ease and is also free.

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