Lenovo Y70 Touch Review Specs

Lenovo Y70 Touch Review SpecsLenovo has been somewhat consistent with gaming laptop, at least in terms of design, and continues with Y70 Touch. Like some of his predecessors, including Y50 15.6 in smaller this year, which combines Y70 chassis almost all black with red adorn developed a keyboard and speakers, including a gamer-friendly red backlighting LEDs.

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The lid has a brushed metal design that is not completely flat; Instead it has particular a little for it, along with the Lenovo branding. Open the cover and you will find the palm rest and the surrounding rubber coating-keyboard has a soft touch, which should help create a grip without altering Your Palms sweaty. Large comfortable palm rest, too, so you won't as a matter of course need to connect to an outer console for gaming seriously.

Lenovo Y70 Touch Review Specs

Lenovo Y70 Touch Review Specs

Lenovo Y70 Touch Specification :

  • Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5 GHz Processor
  • 4-hour battery life; External DVDRW Drive Included
  • 256 GB Solid-State Drive
  • 17.3-Inch Screen; Windows 8.1
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM; NVIDIA GTX-860M 2GB Graphics
Full-size keyboard has a chiclet-design, with each button backlit on two different brightness levels-or turned off altogether if you prefer. Interesting red light illuminates the edges of each key, making it possible to type (or play) in total darkness, but the keyboard layout was acknowledged feeling a bit cramped. It's not a big deal if you just use the WASD, but it can take a while to get used to typing on it.

I find the numeric keypad is packed too tightly with the main keyboard area, which also means backspace and insert frequently used keywords are easy to lose and also a bit small for my taste. A keyboard layout is more wise will overcome this problem, especially since there is not exactly a lack of space on the chassis 17.3 in. main attractions at least viable, so after I hit my step type becomes more liquid.

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the touchpad is at least a better than average size, and I discovered it refreshingly responsive after  a bit of customization, as well. This multiple-finger movements handled without pegs have a surface that's fun to swipe up, which means that instead of using a constant source of frustration like the other laptop touchpad. There are left and right click buttons integrated in the bottom and a clear distinction between the two, something that can be annoying to other laptop was lost. You also have the option to push away at touchscreen 17.3 in, but it's not something that many would actually want to do. While Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 make the experience more pleasant touch-based, hinge laptop just isn't quite rigid, which means the giant screen vibrates back and forth with every touch input. It doesn't help that the hinge itself is relatively small compared to the screen, it means there's even less stability.

Lenovo Y70 Touch Review Specs

Lenovo Y70 Touch Review Specs

As for the screen itself, in addition to being great quality was also honored, and of course in parity with other gaming laptop we've tested. black level of 0.34 cd/m2 brightness and 319.4 cd/m2 is around what we would expect, such as contrast 930:1. 87.5% of the overall coverage of sRGB is par for the course, with most of the colors are presented quite well. The 1, 920x1 Resolution,080 is also an ideal match for laptop graphics capabilities; more pixels and a frame rate of the game will suffer.

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The screen is very useful for entertainment purposes, especially for gaming, and punchy and vibrant colors. I am very happy to not see many color shift when viewing the screen on the plane horizontally or vertically, as well. If you plan on playing the game and the atmosphere on this machine, the reflection caused by a layer of glossy touchscreen will reduce Your enjoyment of a little, unless you're playing in a dark room.

Lenovo Y70 Touch Price : $.1,319.45 (variation)

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