Sony Rumored Not Produce PS 6

Sony Rumored Not Produce PS 6 - Video game developer Ubisoft recently engaged in a debate on the next generation console towards the PlayStation platform 6 (PS6).

Sony Rumored Not Produce PS 6

Sony Rumored Not Produce PS 6

Sony PS 6 - Unfortunately, the console sequel to PS5 was rumored to designate stop namely did not resume again. That means, the developer is not going to make the next generation and only stopped in PS5.

This information was disclosed by Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, which speaks to the Gamespot don't expect to see another console after PlayStation (PS5).

"For the new console, there has been no official deal so my hope is we'll have another cycle before going to stream devices," said Guillemot as Digital Spy, disitat Week (15/5/2016).

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"I'm seeing more manufacturers has rolled chose to have a new hardware that will most likely take a new potential for their needs," he added.

He joked, PS5 will be the real thing, but not with the launch of PS6 and traditional console will be lost. "However, we believe that streaming console will demand a lot of bandwidth," concluded Guillemot.

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