Factors that May Cause Hard Disk Failure

Factors that May Cause Hard Disk Failure - Hard drive is a vital part of your computer or laptop. The part that has the main function to store computer data. The hard drive is the same as a reservoir of water, without water reservoir will not be collected. Then the hard drive is important in a lucrative tool computer or laptop, you are trying to think if inside a computer there is no hard drive, for sure you will not be able operate that computer.

Factors that May Cause Hard Disk Failure

Factors that May Cause Hard Disk Failure

Hard drive in itself is simple yet computer tools for improvements while rarely damaged people can, then avoid some of the causes that make the hard drive damaged, below are some of the causes of corrupted hard drive, look and notice.

The Cause Of The Damage To The Hard Drive

1. The age factor hard drive
Hard drive that had long been in use many years surely it should get more attention, what more if the computer non-stop 24-hour care was instrumental in hard drive hard drive durability.

2. Over Heat
Excessive heat may trigger damage to hard drive. As we know together that virtually all electrical appliances are experiencing the onset of side effects of heat as a result of the change of electrical energy. To prevent it we can use additional cooling on a hard drive. The price in any market is relatively cheap, more or less only 15 thousand dollars.

3. Fall or bump
Sometimes all of a sudden just laptop hard drive or we fall we carry bumps into other hard objects while performing hard drive removal. To avoid this you can bring your laptop using the bag safely, or when moving the hard drive as much as possible avoid shocks.

4. Shutdown procedures are not appropriate
Turn off your computer immediately pulled it out from the plug can be fatal for the condition of the hard drive. So make sure you turn off the computer with the proper shutdown procedure.

5. Excessive hard drive Activity
Too often play games, play music and videos linger can interfere with the health of the hard drive. At least you should be wise in using your computer or laptop.

6. Frequent power outages and electrical down up unstable
Frequent power outages that resulted in the sudden computer can cause damage to the hard drive. So if in your area please use the normal electrical safety voltages as a UPS and stavolt.

7. Bring the laptop turned on
When the laptop in hibernate or standby condition are advised not to go because of the laptop points at risk exposed to excessive shocks.

8. Too often or not at all do a Defrag
The goal of treatment is to do defrag the hard drive, but if you do it can cause excessive bad sectors on the hard drive. In suggest do it 2-3 months just once.

9. Hard Drive Not treated
Junk files are supposed to be disposed of. Files that are not arranged in neat cause the file overwrite each other and head hard drive read with random because the order of the files is not neat. This can lead to bad sectors.

10. Often do install and uninstall programs
Most do the reinstallation may also cause hard drive bad sectors. So is too over perform a reinstall.

Of the ten causes damage to hard drive on top of user carelessness is less knowing hard drive performance on its own, then for the computer users have to start paying attention to the durability of device in order to be in a longer life.

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