Tips For Speed Up An Internet Connection On Laptop

Tips For Speed Up An Internet Connection On Laptop - Browsing is a daily needs that can not be separated from the laptop users at the moment. Almost all the things in this world requires an internet connection. Because of the more rapid advancement of changing times require us to keep up to date. Most of the students as well as students should be working on tasks by using the internet connection. But sometimes a slow internet connection and make them lazy even annoyed because their learning process will be hampered. A weak internet connection will also be lengthening our work.

Tips For Speed Up An Internet Connection On Laptop

Tips For Speed Up An Internet Connection On Laptop

There are several ways that you can try to speed up your internet connection to your laptop. the following tips speed up an internet connection on your laptop with the windows settings to use internet connections 100% because in fact we are using only an internet connection is 80% because it is restricted by windows itself, 
so we must maximize the internet connection we have is by way of open URgpedit.msc, and then type URgpedit.msc in the start button and click run, then type URgpedit.msc and press enter.
How to speed up internet connection both is to hide the IP address and an internet connection will remain fast i.e. Note left on the computer configuration tab, and then select administrative templates, click network, and then enter the QoS packet scheduler and then click 2 X on the limit reservable bandwidth on existing tab on the right, and then click the enable and enter 0 on the bandwidth limit and select then restart your laptop.

Tips For Speed Up An Internet Connection On Laptop

The next way is to use DNS toned with the start button and then select the search network and sharing and then click network and sharing center, and then click local area connection with the name of your internet connection. Hopefully some tips speeding internet above can help you make your internet connection faster so that your work will be quickly and easily resolved without having to undergo a slow internet connection. Some way above it's easy to be applied on your laptop.

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